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We have chosen Paybox to secure your payments on our website

Below are the reasons for this choice.


Paying with your credit card on websites that use PAYBOX is actually more secure than paying at most local businesses, due to the technology used and the lack of a printout indicating your card number. All steps in the payment process between the buyer and PAYBOX are fully encrypted and protected. PAYBOX uses an SSL protocol coupled with electronic banking. This means that order information and credit card numbers are not transmitted unencrypted over the Internet. 

PAYBOX does not keep card numbers after transmitting the transaction to the merchant's bank.  Thus, no one has access to the buyer’s credit card details, neither in digital nor printed form. There is no risk of having your credit card number "pirated" when making a purchase on a PAYBOX SYSTEM website.

Steps to securing payment on the Internet: 

With each payment request, the buyer switches from the merchant server to the PAYBOX SYSTEM server, which is connected to the banking systems. 

  • The buyer arrives on an SSL encrypted payment page 
  • They enter the card number, expiry date, visual cryptogram and authorization request. The link between the buyer and the PAYBOX SYSTEM server is established in HTTPS, a secure protocol with SSL, which encrypts all information exchanged. This protects the data sent via the Internet and guarantees that the buyer’s credit card number cannot be intercepted in plain text by a third party during transfer to the PAYBOX SYSTEM secure server. The PAYBOX SYSTEM homepage provides the buyer with information on their purchase with the merchant name (which guarantees that the business has been authenticated) 
  • When the card number has passed the first level of control (Luhn's key, oppositions, etc.), the PAYBOX SYSTEM server sends an authorization request to the bank with which the merchant is affiliated using standardized banking protocols on a specialized telecommunications network.
  • The bank's authorization center returns an authorization number or a denial. If the payment is accepted, the PAYBOX SYSTEM then performs the following operations: - displays the payment receipt on the buyer's screen (option) - sends the payment receipt by e-mail to the buyer and merchant - The card number is NEVER sent back to the merchant. 
  • The buyer is then automatically redirected to the merchant's server, where they can resume browsing.  A specific process, developed by PAYBOX Services, allows the PAYBOX SYSTEM to monitor the behavior of the cardholder in real time to avoid use of the payment server as a test for automatically generated card numbers, or for other types of attacks: - BIN search by increment, derivation or mask - multiple tests with different expiration dates - random cardholder IP addresses - "nomadic" card, etc.  To use a PAYBOX card payment service, a merchant must hold a VAD electronic payment account at an identified banking institution.


PAYBOX SERVICES has been recently approved by VISA EUROPE within the framework of the AIS (Account Information Security) program. After conducting various audits, VISA has ensured that PAYBOX SERVICES applies a high level of security and integrity through continuous technological monitoring, in order to maintain the infrastructure of its platform. It should be noted that PAYBOX SERVICES is the first French operator certified by this very demanding program.

PAYBOX SERVICES is directly approved and certified by GIE Cartes Bancaires, VISA and MASTERCARD as well as the private issuers and buyers for its Distance Selling and Proximity Payment services (PAYBOX PROXI).

PAYBOX SERVICES is PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified by VISA and MASTERCARD. This certification, which is renewed every year, guarantees the platform’s high level of security and integrity.

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